Keynote interview: Michelle Kuypers (Mojo/North Sea Jazz)

What does it take to put together one of the […]

Jazz in a big country: an overview of the German jazz scene

Where do you start when you want to get a […]

Jazz and social justice

As the world continues to be divided politically, socially, and […]

Taking care of business: Introduction to the music management dept. of the Conservatory of Amsterdam

As coordinator of the Music Management & Entrepreneurship Department in […]


One of the official networking moments during inJazz are the […]

Livestreaming from clubs and festivals – no problem?

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Workshop: How to rise above the crowd

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Jazz above and beyond Brussels: who are the Belgian jazz people?

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Why fragile programming needs a boost

During the past decade Dutch governing authorities funding for fragile […]

Jazz Pitch

Are you an ambitious musician? And are you curious to […]

Workshop: Do you have a good idea? Let’s crowdfund it!

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Q&A: Morris Kliphuis on jazz composing – presented by Buma

Every year the North Sea Jazz Festival commissions a promising […]

Case study Bram Fischer: how your jazz music ends up in a movie

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Jazz à France – how can international artists enter this notoriously tricky scene?

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This is why you need a record label

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Panel presented by World Blend Café: Moroccan Moods

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Workshop: Start using the Buma Setlist App now!

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Understanding the UK jazz scene: how to get your music heard and access the market

Last year’s inConference started on the morning after the Brexit […]

The Festival Challenge

One of the highlights of last year’s inConference was the […]

Workshop: Know your rights!

Are you aware of all your rights as a musician? […]

Announcement Buma Boy Edgar Prize 2017 winner

The Buma Boy Edgar Prize is awarded each year to […]